HST Investigations Into the Central Structure of Galaxies

The Nuker Team:

Douglas Richstone , PI (Michigan), Ralf Bender (Munchen), Alan Dressler (OCIW), S. M. Faber (UCO/Lick), Alexei V. Filippenko (Berkeley), Karl Gebhardt (Texas), Kayhan Gultekin (Michigan), Richard Green (LBTO), Luis C. Ho (OCIW), John Kormendy (Texas), Tod R. Lauer (NOAO), John Magorrian (Oxford), Jason Pinkney (Ohio Northern), Christos Siopis (Michigan), and Scott Tremaine (Princeton)

The Nuker Team was organized in 1985 to use Hubble Space Telescope high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy to investigate the central structure and dynamics of normal galaxies.

Resources Available:

WFPC2 Galaxy Pictures: This is a set of prepared JPEG pictures of the Paper V galaxy sample. Galaxy-model difference images are included.

WFPC2 Surface Photometry: This is the set of profiles published in Paper V (see below). The directory also contains full-page surface photometry plots, including Nuker-law fits and parameters, for each galaxy. These are enhanced versions of the 4 galaxies/page plots in Figure 3 of Paper V.

WFPC1 Surface Photometry: This is the set of profiles published in Paper I (see below). All photometry is based on deconvolved WFPC-1 F555W PC images.

Refereed Papers: This contains the bibliography of Nuker papers published or submitted to refereed journals. Links to ADS abstracts or images of the journal articles are provided in most cases.

HST proposals: The Nuker team has obtained data during nearly all HST proposal cycles. Links to the most recent proposals are given below:

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