Work Top-10

A here exists only in relation to a there, not the other way around.
There’s this only because there’s that; if we don’t look up, we’ll never know what’s down.

Paul Auster
Moon Palace

I have been fortunate to work with a wide range of activities centered on communication of astronomy to the public, with some of the best people in the profession.

Here is my own little Top-10 (or so) list of favourite achievements:

  1. Authoring the book The Hands-on Guide for Science Communicators, Springer New York, 2006, ISBN 0387263241.
  2. Co-authoring the book Lysfænomener i Naturen, Høst & Søn, 1998, ISBN 8714294621.
  3. Co-authoring the book Europe to the Stars — ESO’s first 50 years of exploring the southern sky.

  4. Leading the set-up of the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre 2013-2018 and raising funding for the first years of operation (2017-2018).
  5. Managing the conception and implementation of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (with Pedro Russo, according to UNESCO sources “the most successful [international] year so far”).
  6. Receiving the 2021 Klumpke-Roberts Award.
  7. Receiving the Tycho Brahe Medal in 2005.
  8. Setting up and implementing the merged ESO Outreach Department for ESO, ESA/Hubble, IAU and the ESO Supernova.
  9. Being one of the global communication leads of the Event Horizon Telescope campaign in 2019, coordinating the publication of humankind’s first image of a black hole.
  10. Reopening the Kitt Peak Visitor Center in 2023, after the pandemic and the Contreras Fire.
  11. Directing the movie Europe to the Stars.
  12. Directing the movie Eyes on the Skies – 400 Years of Telescopic Discovery.
  13. Directing the movie Hubble – 15 Years of Discovery as part of the big Hubble 15th Anniversary project.
  14. Being Director of Communication for International Astronomical Union in a period the IAU became more known than ever before due to the re-classification of dwarf planet Pluto. Read more about the work during this hectic period of the 2006 IAU General Assembly here.
  15. Co-authoring the book Hubble – 15 Years of Discovery, Springer New York, 2006, ISBN 0387285997 (also in Finnish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and simplified Chinese).
  16. Co-authoring the book Eyes on the Skies, Wiley 2009, (German, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, Slovenian and Chinese).
  17. Co-authoring the book Hidden Universe (also in German, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish).
  18. Co-authoring the book Cosmic Collisions (also in German).
  19. Managing the Portal to the Universe project.
  20. Leading the lasershow Ambient LaserTrance in the Dome 1994 (co-production with Morten Rasmussen).
  21. Writing my Master’s Thesis: Compund Redshift Catalogues and their Application to Redshift Distortions of the Two-point Correlation Function. At one point in 1996 I had the largest collection of galaxy redshifts in the world…
  22. Leading the FITS Liberator project.
  23. Initiating the Hubblecast project.
  24. Leading the lasershow Beat the Visions 1993 (co-production with Morten Rasmussen).
  25. Initiating the Data2Dome project (incl. AstroCalendar).
  26. Initiating the ESOcast project.
  27. Initiating and managing Tripping on the Final Frontier, event for the 5th anniversary of Tycho Brahe Planetarium.
  28. Initiating the standardization AVM metadata project, that later became VAMP in a collaboration with Robert Hurt and Adrienne Gauthier
  29. Initiating the ESO and Hubble Hidden Treasures competitions.
  30. Leading the image processing work that helped bring the successful DKIST First Light image on the cover of NYT (above the fold). With Mahdi Zamani.
  31. Initiating ESO’s La Silla Total Solar Eclipse 2019 project and leading the webcast and image aquisition.
  32. Inventing the digital distribution strategies for ESA/Hubble and ESO making these organisations the first scientific organisation to freely distribute broadcast quality UHD videos and planetarium fulldome movies.
  33. Coordinating the implementation of the most sophisticated day- and night-time webcams at any observatory at several of ESO’s observatories (with the company APICAL).
  34. Being co-investigator and co-initiator of the ESO proposal to take the outreach images with the VLT and other telescopes in non-science grade weather.
  35. Working on the world’s first campaigns for the IAU to let the public name exoplanets and their host stars.
  36. Initiating the successful ESO astronomy camp and setting up the efficient ESO and ESA/Hubble internship programme where more than 100 interns have been trained.
  37. Coordinating the production of some of the largest astronomical gigapixel images (Jäger & Christensen, 2015).

  38. Raising more than 350,000 EUR over a 3-year period for the ESO Supernova.